Roadside litter, left unchecked, becomes more than an eyesore. It begins to erode the value of the surrounding area. Like a magnet, litter draws more litter until an area becomes blighted by people who do not properly dispose of trash. Litter reduction is a positive action that each of us can do. Volunteers in Keep Martin Beautiful’s Adopt-A-Road program work to show our community that each of us can reduce litter and make our county a better place to live.

Litter: People do it. People can stop it.

KMB’s Adopt-A-Road program offers businesses, civic groups, school groups, places of worship, families and individuals the opportunity to adopt a minimum one mile section of county-maintained roadside for the purpose of litter reduction. Teams make a commitment to remove litter along their adopted area at least six times a year. KMB will provide safety vests, trash bags, and pick-up sticks. Teams determine the cleanup schedule based on their availability and preference.

Adopt-A-Road teams reduce litter while demonstrating the power of positive action. The results of their efforts are streets and roadways, free of ugly litter, that everyone can be proud of. With the improved physical appearance, a sense of community pride develops and helps to deter vandalism, gangs and criminal activity. A beautiful and safe community results from continuous environmental enhancement through the Adopt-A-Road program. Make a commitment to get involved today.


In 2009 through a partnership with the City of Stuart, Keep Martin Beautiful created the Adopt a Street Program. The program is open to groups, families, and individual volunteers who are interested in doing their part to insure the streets of Stuart remain litter and debris free. Street adopters are asked to clean up their street at least 6 times throughout the year and provide KMB with a cleanup report after each cleanup event. Keep Martin Beautiful is happy to provide volunteers with cleanup supplies, such as garbage bags, litter sticks and gloves to assist adopters in their cleanup efforts.

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