Monofilament Recycling

Recycling or disposing of monofilament fishing line helps habitat, keep beaches and waterways clean, and encourages good environmental practices. Adopting a bin allows community clubs and organizations to actively participate in keeping our environment clean, provides community service and a sense of accomplishment and ownership to those who participate in the program.

Once you adopt an outdoor bin, your organization receives an outdoor bin and sign to be placed in a predetermined location, and a list of local participating tackle shops to drop off the collected fishing line. Groups also receive a packet containing information regarding safety procedures, bin checking guidelines and bin placement procedures. A volunteer tool kit which holds all the necessary equipment needed to check the bin is also provided. (Volunteers should fill out your organization’s waiver form before they begin checking the bin…safety first!).

A commitment form will be included in your packet. This form ensures that your organization will continually check, empty, and deliver recyclable fishing line for at least one year. If a club/organization wishes to end this commitment, notify your local MRRP representative so that a new volunteer can be found to continue maintaining the outdoor bin.

For more information please contact KMB at 772-781-1222 or